Pastoral Transition: Important Announcement from Pastor Harvey and the Elders

Pastor Harvey and the Session announced after morning worship on Sunday, May 20, that he has received and accepted a call to a new work. The letters read by Jay and the clerk of Session are at the links below and and include important details on the path forward:

Please pray for our church during this transition. Pray for Pastor Harvey’s new ministry, and for the Harvey family’s upcoming move. Pray for our church’s stability and health. Pray for the development of our search committee, and for its discernment in seeking potential pastoral candidates. And pray that God would lead his chosen servant to us and lead us to greater blessing, in God’s providence.

Sign Up For Wednesday Night Ministries!

Next week (9/6) we will begin our Wednesday Night Ministries.  Please sign up by clicking the button below. This post has additional information about our youth and children's ministries. 

This year our youth group is dividing into two groups, Junior High (6th-8th) and Senior High (9th-12th).  These groups will meet in separate rooms and have separate teaching, discussion and game times.  Our youth leaders have worked hard to develop a good plan that allows us to make this important expansion of our youth ministry.  Please spread the word! We welcome friends from the community to participate in our youth ministry.

There will be an open gym for elementary aged children from 6:00-6:30PM.  

The Children's Discipleship will be 6:30-8:00PM in the Fellowship Hall.  This time is split between a lesson and activity from the New City Catechism and the Children's Choir.  This is an integrated hour and a half rather than two separate ministries.  We believe that the content and discipleship training that we are offering in this time is unparalleled.  Our children will receive truths and skills that they will never outgrow.  Please plan for your children stay the whole time. The curriculum is integrated and requires all the time, people and resources that we have available.     

At the close of the evening parents can pick up their elementary aged children from the Fellowship Hall and Youth from the Family Life Center.  We ask that following pick-up parents supervise their children in the building, in the parking lot and on the playground.

A Break for Mrs. Freer!

After a busy and fruitful summer, we are giving our Children's Director, Mrs. Debbie Freer, a four week paid leave for some much needed rest and recuperation.  Our church is so thankful for Deb and all that she does for us and our children.

Additionally, many of you are aware that in the spring Deb was in an auto accident and had a significant concussion.  She has been and still is in a professionally monitored treatment program for her recovery.  Deb has continued to work while at the same time attempting to incorporate the directives of her providers. Sports Camp and VBS were grand again this year.  Sunday school and VBS took even more work than usual this year due to the curricula used.  We feel as a Session that we need to give Deb the opportunity to disengage as much as possible from her duties in order to aid her recovery.   So, starting Wednesday (8/16) Deb will begin a four week medical leave.  

During this time, we would ask that you would endeavor not to contact Deb with work related requests and try not to bring up these matters at church if you see her.  Pat Barnett will be overseeing Junior Church and David Rose will be overseeing Children's Sunday School.  Olivia Briscoe remains the contact for nursery and will also cover Beginner Bible Time.  Please contact these folks with questions in these areas. 

Please be praying for Deb during this season of leave, that it would be helpful in speeding her recovery and provide rest and refreshment.  Finally, if asked to help during this time please step forward.  You can know that your contribution to help is a tangible way of showing love and appreciation for Deb in this period. We want her to return to a healthy and robust ministry that has been well cared for during her leave. 


Welcoming Rev. Anthony Gorsuch

Our Session is pleased to announce that Rev. Anthony Gorsuch has accepted our offer to become an Assistant Pastor/Church Planting Resident with a Focus on Youth Ministry, Outreach and Assimilation.  He will begin on 1 September 2017.  

Our Covenant Homes Team will be meeting Anthony tonight to discuss ministry at 8:00PM via video conference.  Members of the Covenant Homes Team should have received and invitation from RE Bill Zinkand.

Anthony and his wife Remley have two beautiful children.  Anthony comes with significant work and life experience.  He has a great heart for evangelism and has a lot of experience in youth ministry as well. Anthony is a graduate of Reformed Theological Seminary (M.Div., Missions, cum laude) and has also been through our denomination's rigorous assessment for church planters.  My favorite reference on Anthony came from Dr. Guy Waters, who has ministered to us before as a Winter Conference Speaker: "Anthony is just a mountain of a man but it is mountain full of love.  He has a winning smile and just incredible love for people. I think he would do very well in the role that you are describing."  I think even in this photo we can get a glimpse of what Guy was talking about.

What was the process like?  For a 9/1 start date we did not have time to do a full posting for the job because you have to post it for at least 30 days to give time for folks to respond. We asked Mission to North America if they had a man clearly called and gifted who could serve on our staff for a shorter time as he was being readied by the Lord to plant a church.  With full knowledge of our needs, church and pastoral makeup they provided us with Anthony's information.  We also asked the PCA who had posted their resumes on file at the central office with an indication that they were willing to serve in youth ministry.  That generated seven men, of whom 2 made it through the first round.  That left us with three candidates including Anthony. All were very strong, but Anthony proved clearly the best fit.  

The Session as a whole made the commitment not to do anything if there was a lack of certainty as to whether it was the right man.  In other words, the Session wasn't acting hastily. We were ready to plug the hole with a transition team if necessary. I am so thankful for the hard work of David Rose, Bill Zinkand, Dennis Dietrich, Dwight Derby and Todd Metzler.  These men had lengthy, detailed interviews with the candidates and also made many calls to references.  This work was behind the scenes entirely, but it was an act of love for our youth and our church. 

What will Anthony do?  Anthony will serve 50-60% of his time in youth ministry.  The remaining balance of the time will be divided between outreach and assimilation.  And of course, there is overlap in these areas as well.  He will be the youth pastor, work with the outreach committee and help us do a better job at getting new people connected to EPC.    

What does it mean that Anthony is a Church Planting Resident? Church Planting Residents raise a portion of their compensation and are eligible for additional grant funds from Mission to North America.  In exchange, the church provides a context for the pastor to grow and develop in areas that are essential for a church planter to be successful.  The net result for the church is entirely positive.  The church gets a pastor who is highly motivated for ministry and will be committed for a significant season of ministry to the congregation, in this case to our youth especially.  Also, EPC will have the opportunity to invest in a man and a future church plant too.  Residencies are dynamic ways to participate in what God is doing to advance his kingdom.  At present, there is a target area for a new church in the Georgetown, DE area that a number of pastors in the presbytery believe Anthony is well suited to pursue.

I want to emphasize one thing especially.  Anthony is not coming to us as an intern.  He is not coming to us as a mere "stepping stone". That could easily be inferred but it is not so.  As an ordained minister to the gospel Anthony has a clear call to serve EPC and especially our youth and his heart will be fully in that ministry.  I met for white board sessions with our youth and with our covenant homes team. Anthony clearly hits the mark with regard to the broad wish lists that came from those discussions.  I am so pleased for our youth that they will have a man investing in them who desires to be on the front lines of evangelism and establishes new churches. The heart and gifts for that type of ministry naturally serve youth well.  Additionally, Anthony's success in ministry at EPC is integral to his being able to raise support for a new work and be finally approved to plant a church in our presbytery.  He is all in for ministry at EPC.      

Give a special word of thanks to our Ruling Elders on Session. It takes a lot of work behind the scenes to bring on new staff, and especially new pastoral staff.  We could not have brought on Rev. Post and Rev. Gorsuch without the full engagement, involvement and support of the elders, and that at a time during the summer when everyone else is of a mindset to take a break. And of course there were other matters before the Session too.

Above all, please join me in praising God for the way that he has provided for our church.  Who would have thought that within 30 days of Pastor Knott's departure God would provide us with two men, Rev. Don Post and Rev. Anthony Gorsuch, with clear gifts and callings right in the areas we need ministry?  The Lord provides for his people and for his ministry.  To God be the Glory.  Amen.

Pastor Harvey