Website In Progress

Websites are a lot like the Christian life.  For awhile the work is done behind the scenes till the new birth occurs and you "go public."  Well, here we are, as a website, born again on a new platform to better fit our needs.  Of course, then comes the increasing awareness of sin.  In the wake of explosive joy comes new eyes whereby you see things that need to be pruned.  This pruning, this "sanctification," is a process of varying degrees of success and set backs.  Once again, I'll beg the reader/visitor's indulgence, this is like a website.  As we get things up, you'll notice we're not entirely sanctified.  Like we ourselves spiritually, this site is a work in progress.  We beg your patience, your pardoning of our dust, and trust that if you can't find what you're looking for here you'll meet with us face-to-face.  

Pastor Knott