Come to the Congregational Meeting This Monday

Make a point to join us for the congregational meeting Monday 7 December at 6:30PM.  Here is what we have planned:

  • Ministry leaders will be available for discussion.
  • The Finance committee will present the 2016 budget. 
  • Pastor Knott will provide brief training on a new online tool that we have purchased to help members and regular attenders connect and care for one another.  This tool will strengthen our new community shepherding model.
  • We will have a special presentation on continuing efforts to address church security. EPC is committed to ministering with open arms to our community as we have done. We also continue to improve our own ability to respond to a wide range of emergencies that can confront local churches.  

We will not be electing officers at this meeting.  This is a departure from our typical practice. However, the Session realized that we fell short of the 30 day notification perod for all of those eligible to stand for election.  While not anticipating the additional notification impacting the results of the election, we nevertheless felt that we should act in full accordanace with our Book of Order and not proceed to an election until appropriate notification was provided.  We will elect officers following the morning worship service on January 10th.  Officers will be installed the Sunday on January 17th.  The Session apologizes for this oversight and appreciates your understanding in this matter.    

Our stated congregational meeting remains very significant this year.  It is a unique opportunity to think about ministry together, hear the budget presentation, learn how to use new tools to connect with and care for one another, and hear an important update on church security and emergency preparedness.  And, there will be desserts!  We look forward to seeing you there.