A Long Goodbye

Dear Family and Friends of EPC,

It falls to me to inform you that our beloved Music Director, Dr. Benjamin Harding, will be relocating to Langhorne, PA this fall.  Benjamin will continue to serve as the Dean of the School of Music at Cairn University.  The Hardings' last Sunday with us will be Labor Day weekend.  

First, a word of thanks.  I am thankful to God that He led Benjamin to us.  And, I am thankful to Benjamin for faithfully executing his calling among us.  Benjamin's commitment to the glory of God in all he did were evident from the first time that we met him.  We have all been impacted by Benjamin's commitment to the Lord, which provides the foundation for all that he has accomplished among us.  Benjamin's breadth and depth as a choral conductor, pianist, organist, arranger and teacher are a rare blend to say the least.  Under his leadership our music ministry has flourished.  Those who visit our worship services from near and far are routinely amazed at the richness and quality of our worship.     

Second, a word about where we are headed.  Our Session remains committed to the principles of worship that have informed our practice since Benjamin has served among us.  The Session will initiate a national search, seeking the director that God has prepared to continue this ministry of music that is so important to us.  We are losing Benjamin, but we are not losing the theological principles of worship and music that he has applied so faithfully over the years. The Lord remains watchful over us and will provide for His worship in our midst.  Please begin praying now for God to provide the right person at the right time to lead our music ministry.    

It is o.k. to be sad to see the Hardings leave.  Nobody will miss Benjamin's ministry more than me.  We will all miss Marji and their children as well.  This decision was very difficult for the Hardings too.  You know how they love you because they have shown you their love. Thankfully, we all have some time to say goodbye.  Stay tuned for dates and times.  We will plan an appropriate celebration of Benjamin's ministry among us and the Hardings' impact on us as a church family.   

For the Glory of Our God Who is Faithful,

Pastor Jay