Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups

One of the things I have always appreciated about our congregation is the desire to grow together spiritually.  Formally, outside of corporate worship, this is evident in the high attendance in our Sunday Morning Discipleship Groups (Sunday 'school' doesn't quite do it justice) and in our Evening Service.  This summer we have new opportunities to grow together spiritually in these Discipleship Groups, Sunday mornings, 9:30am.   

The first is in a course on Pilgrim's Progress in the Fellowship Hall. This will be a combined course with youth and parents (everyone else is still invited!), aimed at helping all ages understand the Scriptural truths that lay behind Bunyan's narrative.  "But this is for kids and I'm not a child!" you say, to which I would respond 1) One of the frequent comments I hear is older EPC folks lamenting that they don't know the new and younger EPC folks.  Well, here they are!  Come and grow with them!  2) There is no intrinsic virtue in making the Scriptures more complicated than an 8 year old can understand.  When I preach, I aim for the 8 year old as well as the 80 year old to understand God's word and consider it a fault of mine if that 8  (and 80) year old can't follow what I'm saying.  Furthermore, unless you can confidently teach this course to 8 or 80 year olds, I'm sure you have something to learn from it yourself. :)    

The second is a course on Kevin DeYoung's "What Does The Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality?" in the Sanctuary. I will be working with a teaching team to present and discuss the content of this book with the aim of helping our congregation better know and speak God's truth in God's love.  "But I already know it's wrong!" you say, to which I would respond 1) do you know why?  do you know where in Scripture you would go to make that case?  and 2) do you have a gracious, Biblically-informed, response to objections like "I was born this way!" or "you don't consistently apply the Scriptures yourself!"?  Come join us.  Grow in speaking truth in love on this particular issue.    

The third is our English as a Second Language course.  "But I can't teach English?" you say, to which I would respond 1) All Rick Gray (RUFi) is asking is that you speak English and have the love, patience and grace to befriend and help our international friends work through what Rick has prepared for the class time.  2)  Just as it is good to be served by the church in Discipleship Groups, it is good and healthy to take a season to serve the church.  ESL is, thanks to Rick, a remarkably easy way to serve and to show the love of Christ to the nations.      

The new quarter starts June 7.  See you there,  
Pastor Knott