Welcoming Rev. Don Post

Today is the first day of part time employment (approximately 20 hours a week) for Rev. Don Post.  Don and Barbara have been beloved among us for a number of years now.  This year they returned from Ghana where they had been serving as missionaries with Rafiki.  Our Session was so thankful that in God's providence Don is able to step into this part time role in this season in our church life.  

What exactly has Pastor Post been asked to do? Below are some highlights of Don's areas of ministry focus.  You can see right away that though this is a part-time position, it is a substantial ministry position.  Don's life and ministry experience will be a blessing to us.  

  • Shepherding--Pastor Post will be working with our Regional Community Groups to encourage the shepherding of the flock at EPC.  In addition to doing direct ministry himself, I have asked him to work closely with all our elders to realize the potential for our Regional Community Groups.  Don will be attending Shepherding and Discipleship Team Meetings and will also be at the monthly elder prayer meeting.    
  • Diaconal Ministry--Our deacons do excellent work among us.  We are thankful for their labors.  I regularly attend deacons meetings and enjoy the vibrancy of these men.  I have asked Rev. Post to get to know each area of our diaconal ministry at EP for the encouragement of our deacons and for the further promotion of the work of diaconal ministry in the church.  Don will also be involved in the shepherding aspects of mercy ministry so there is an organic connection there. 
  • Last Tuesday--This ministry luncheon is hosted by our Seniors for the entire congregation.  Last Tuesday meets the last Tuesday of the month.  We have a nice lunch for a reasonable price.  The gospel is always presented clearly either in connection with the program or at the welcome. We routinely have guests at this luncheon.  The topics are wide ranging.  I plan to continue to make Last Tuesdays a priority for my own schedule.  I have asked Don to time and attention to developing the calendar for presenters.  For September Dr. Peter Lillback will be speaking. 

We are blessed to have Don serve the Lord among us at EP.  I encourage you  open your hearts wide to Pastor Post as a minister on our church staff.