A Break for Mrs. Freer!

After a busy and fruitful summer, we are giving our Children's Director, Mrs. Debbie Freer, a four week paid leave for some much needed rest and recuperation.  Our church is so thankful for Deb and all that she does for us and our children.

Additionally, many of you are aware that in the spring Deb was in an auto accident and had a significant concussion.  She has been and still is in a professionally monitored treatment program for her recovery.  Deb has continued to work while at the same time attempting to incorporate the directives of her providers. Sports Camp and VBS were grand again this year.  Sunday school and VBS took even more work than usual this year due to the curricula used.  We feel as a Session that we need to give Deb the opportunity to disengage as much as possible from her duties in order to aid her recovery.   So, starting Wednesday (8/16) Deb will begin a four week medical leave.  

During this time, we would ask that you would endeavor not to contact Deb with work related requests and try not to bring up these matters at church if you see her.  Pat Barnett will be overseeing Junior Church and David Rose will be overseeing Children's Sunday School.  Olivia Briscoe remains the contact for nursery and will also cover Beginner Bible Time.  Please contact these folks with questions in these areas. 

Please be praying for Deb during this season of leave, that it would be helpful in speeding her recovery and provide rest and refreshment.  Finally, if asked to help during this time please step forward.  You can know that your contribution to help is a tangible way of showing love and appreciation for Deb in this period. We want her to return to a healthy and robust ministry that has been well cared for during her leave.