26 Reasons Why Non-Christians and Christians Would Like Christianity Explored @ EPC

26 Reasons Why Non-Christians and Christians Would Like Christianity Explored @ EPC

Reasons Your Non-Christian Friends and Neighbors Would Like Christianity Explored @ EPC

  1. They won’t be asked to sing, pray, or read aloud
  2. They’ll benefit from the casual and laid-back atmosphere
  3. They’ll drink Starbucks, not Maxwell House
  4. They’re looking for a place to voice their questions and objections
  5. They’re more willing to talk about what they believe than we are about what we believe
  6. They won’t have their questions and objections ‘shot down’
  7. They will hear a gracious and Biblically informed response to their questions
  8. They’ll receive a warm, sincere, but not desperate welcome
  9. They’ll hear one of the finest presentations of the gospel over the course of just the first few weeks
  10. They’ll get a Bible, and usually have never received one before
  11. They appreciate that there’s no bait-n-switch or emotional manipulation
  12. They’ll spend quality time with one of your pastors
  13. They’ll be more likely to talk about spiritual things with you after you bring them

Reasons Members of EPC Would Like Christianity Explored @ EPC

  1. You’ll realize there’s a ‘safe’ place for your friends to dive into the Bible, the Christian faith, and your church family
  2. You’ll have somebody else share the gospel with your non-Christian friends
  3. You’ll learn a new way for you to share the gospel with your non-Christian friends
  4. You’ll see the serious kinds of questions people are wrestling with
  5. You’ll hear a gracious, Biblically informed response to other people’s questions
  6. You’ll build a library of good answers to tough questions
  7. You’ll be able to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to but never felt you could
  8. You’ll not only have read and understood Mark’s gospel, but be able to lead others through it
  9. You’ll be refreshed by the gospel yourself
  10. You’ll have your eyes opened to the non-Christians around you at EPC and wherever you go
  11. You’ll have a tool to use in your own small group or neighborhood
  12. You’ll be a vital part of reaching others with the good news of the gospel just by showing up
  13. You’ll continue patiently loving those around you knowing that, when they’re ready, there’s a course ready to receive them in

Ready to dive in?  Join Pastor Knott, in the course beginning Sept 1st, in the Library Room

The Bruised Reed, Quote from Chapter One

Hence we learn that we must not pass too harsh judgment upon ourselves or others when God exercises us with bruising upon bruising. There must be a conformity to our head, Christ, who was 'bruised for us' (Isa 53:5) that we may know how much we are bound unto him. Ungodly spirits, ignorant of God's ways in bringing his children to heaven, censure broken-hearted Christians as miserable persons, whereas God is doing a gracious good work with them. It is no easy matter to bring a man from nature to grace, and from grace to glory, so unyielding and intractable are our hearts. Richard Sibbes, The Bruised Reed

Join us for the adult Sunday school class, Help for Hurting Christians, taught by Pastor Jay Harvey, Sunday mornings at 9:30.

Help for Hurting Christians: Reading Schedule

Senior Pastor Jay Harvey is leading an adult Sunday School class titled Help for Hurting Christians. The class is based on the book The Bruised Reed, by Puritan pastor Richard Sibbes (1577 - 1635). Books are available for purchase for $5.75. If you would like to read along, the following schedule will keep you on pace with the class: June 3, 2012: Chapter 1 (pages 1 – 6)

June 10, 2012: Chapter 2 (pages 7 – 15)

June 17, 2012: Chapters 3 & 4 (pages 16 – 25)

June 24, 2012: Chapter 5 (pages 26 – 34)

July 1, 2012: Chapter 6 (pages 35 – 44)

July 8, 2012: Chapter 7 (pages 45 – 52)

July 15, 2012: Chapters 8 & 9 (pages 53 – 66)

July 22, 2012: Chapter 10 (pages 67 – 76)

July 29, 2012: Chapters 11 & 12 (pages 77 – 90)

August 5, 2012: Chapter 13 (pages 91 – 100)

August 12, 2012: Chapter 14 (pages 101 – 108)

August 19, 2012: Chapter 15 (pages 109 – 117)

August 26, 2012: Chapter 16 (pages 118 – 128)