Folks Respond to the Resurrection Conference

We had very high attendance for the entire weekend at the conference.  God blessed us with the ministry of Dr. Guy Waters.  The resurrection is central to our faith and life.  It was a blessing to be taught and re-taught this truth and its implications.  Below are some uncut comments that I solicited from a cross section of the church.  

Larry DeHeer

Sometimes when we walk once again a familiar, cherished, and oft traveled path, we do not become aware of what is new, or was missed on earlier walks. Rather we simply feel wonderfully at home, reveling in the walk. That is the way I experienced the conference, wonderfully at home with the walk through the marvels of the gospel of the resurrection. It is the healing balm for every wound of life, the energy food for continuing work, and the seed of compassion for those to whom the resurrection will not be pure joy, but sheer terror.  I got a fresh prescription.

Alan Beattie

I enjoyed the discussion of one of the more difficult verses in the New Testament,  I Cor 15:29, (i.e., " being baptized on behalf of the dead . . .") and the insights shared about the verse.  Also I previously understood I Cor 15:33 ("Do not be deceived: Bad company ruins good morals. . . ") to mean some type of immorality other than simply heretical teaching about the resurrection and found his explanation straightforward and engaging. Finally, the charge handed to the believer in I Cor. 15:58 to ". . . be steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord . . . " and the discussion of what "abounding in the work of the Lord" means was very practical.

Naomi Hufnell

I can't say that I learned anymore about the resurrection than I did before but it did make it clearer to me.  The first night I thought his talk was on the plan on salvation...thank you Lord that I am your child.  It also made me realize how I fall so short of being a witness,  It was wonderful to go and to be with with all who are in one accord with the Lord

Kristin Syanene

On Sunday morning Dr. Waters mentioned that when Jesus wept at Lazarus' tomb, He was moved more out of righteous anger than from grief. I had never thought of Jesus' reaction in this way but it fits with the imagery of Jesus defeating death, sin, and Satan when He died on the cross and then rose.

Amy Huffman

Although I already believed in the bodily resurrection the conference helped me to more fully appreciate the centrality of the bodily resurrection to my faith in Christ.

Kristen Rose

I was particularly struck by Dr. Waters reminder that death is not natural. I always think of death as a natural part of life. We live and we die. But it is not, it is God’s just penalty for our sin. Because Jesus was willing to face death on our behalf and conquer death for us, we can share in His victory over death. What an encouragement this has been to remember that this life is not all there is. We have the hope of a new body in glory that will be indwelled with the Holy Spirit. It helps to give me an eternal perspective instead getting caught up in the here and now.

Todd Metzler

Was encouraged by the clarity, humility, biblical faithfulness and intelligence of Dr. Waters. The Q&A on Saturday night was especially helpful...It was a true blessing to have him here to preach through I Corinthians 15. Christ is risen on the 3rd day!

Margaret Botbyl

I learned more about the difference between our eathly body and our heavenly body. I was encouraged by participating in this confrence with my fellow christian friends.

Melanie Vinson

I appreciated Dr. Water's comment that death is not a natural part of life but a result of sin. I know that is true but never heard it put the way he did.