Hurricane Plans

Be in prayer for our state and the entire east coast.  Emergency personnel everywhere and people evacuating coastal areas need special grace, strength and provision.  Maintain a high standard of safety for yourself and your family. Also, keep a watch out for the health and well being of your neighbors and friends.  Offer to obtain supplies to help those whom you know will have difficulty getting ready for the storm.
For Sunday, this is what we know so far:
(1) We are cancelling the PM children's program on Sunday and the fellowship meal.  The two are intertwined with the children's ministry program and contingency plans for Sunday PM cannot be arranged at this juncture.  Because of planning, this decision needs to be made now.
(2) The greeters meeting for Sunday morning is cancelled.
(3) We will make every effort to worship on Sunday morning.  Access to church and driving conditions may vary widely by neighborhood.  Please do what is best for you and/or your family.  However, we will pay close attention to conditions on the ground and the official designations of states of emergency by the governor.  There are three levels of emergency driving conditions in DE, Levels 2 and 3 forbid driving unless you are emergency personnel. Level 1 discourages non-essential driving.  Worship is essential, so we may worship if there is a Level 1 driving warning.  However, Sunday school and nursery would not be provided and the service would be simplified.  It is also possible that the entire morning service will be cancelled.
(4) As conditions allow, our website will be updated via twitter throughout the weekend.  Please check and/or call the church office for information.  Every effort will be made to update the message on the church voice mail.  Please use common sense and maintain a high standard of safety for yourself and your families, not only on Sunday but in preparation for the storm. See for tips on how to prepare.