PCA Greetings During and After the Hurricane

I received a call last night from Tim Murr, an elder at First Presbyterian Church in Gulfport, MS.  FPC Gulfport's building was completely destroyed during Katrina and most of their members lost their homes.  Our church and many others banded together to help them rebuild and minister to their community.  Tim wanted me to know that they were praying for us and were eager to help if help was needed. This morning, I received a call from Arklie Hooten, director of our denomination's disaster relief ministry.  Arklie was calling to confirm that reports of minimal damage were accurate.  He had been getting ready to circle the wagons to assist EP and other churches in the Heritage Presbytery.  It was encouraging to be remembered by Tim and Arklie.  They both remember the leadership of our church in the Katrina relief effort.  They wanted us to know that they and other were ready to come to our aid.  It is nice to be a part of a nationwide family of churches that love one another.

Dave Visser reports that damage to our property was minimal. We had a few leaks which stained some of the ceiling tile. Work on our flat roof was already planned and these leaks confirm the need.  We need to pick up some sticks around the church, so please call Dave if you are available.