Winter Conference Messages

We were privileged to hear Dr. Ligon Duncan expound on the theme of the Church and the World in the 21st Century the weekend of March 1st-2nd.  His topics and message titles are below.  Thanks to Dr. Ligon Duncan and the many helping hands who made this weekend such a blessing to our congregation and community. Saturday Evening

1662 and all that: Where we are today and how Christians should respond

Know who you are        1 Timothy 3:15

Sunday School (9:30AM)

Conversion and Culture: The most important thing the church can do in the world

Know what people need          John 3:1-8

Sunday Morning Worship (10:45AM) 

Between Hopelessness and Idolatry: A love that will not let you go

Knowing something that can’t be known   Ephesians 3:14-19

Sunday Evening Worship (6:00PM)

Remembering the Big Picture: A prayer from exile

Knowing the saving purposes of God        Daniel 9