A Brief Review of Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet

Ruth: From Bitter to Sweet by Dr. John Currid is a helpful commentary, informed by serious scholarship and loaded with practical insights.  Currid is an archaeologist by training and loves the Hebrew language.  In every chapter he uses his expertise in Hebrew to enhance the reader's understanding of the book.  His observations are not cumbersome, however.  All the words are transliterated and the points are very clear.  Bible loving Christians will be enthused to gain these insights, and pastors trained in Hebrew will benefit from seeing how Currid brings these insights to bear on the reader with great efficiency and clarity. Currid's practical application of Ruth is bolstered by frequent quotations from Reformed and Puritan greats and many interesting historical anecdotes.  These quotations are always appropriate, and cited properly.  John Calvin, Matthew Henry, John Flavel, Thomas Watson, John Bunyan are just some of the worthies cited in this volume.  The Westminster Confession of Faith is quoted a number of times.  Preachers and teachers will find this feature helpful in lending substance and variety to their applications.

Dr. Currid's own strong conviction of the goodness of God and his sovereignty over all things informs this commentary throughout.  Currid doesn't dodge the hard questions of suffering, illness and death.  He affirms God's hand in all these things, calling us to be reflective about the hardship that is in our lives.  Suffering grows us in the gospel in a number of ways, and Currid touches on many of them.