Criteria of Leadership Potential (Part II)

Continuing with J. Oswald Sanders' classic, Spiritual Leadership, we come to Part II of our reflection on the chapter entitled "Criteria of Leadership Potential."  Part I is here. Today we list criteria 10-18 on Sanders'  list:

  • Are you entrusted with the handling of difficult and delicate situations?
  • Can you induce people to do happily some legitimate thing which they would not normally wish to do?
  • Can you accept opposition to your viewpoint or decision without considering it a personal affront and reacting accordingly?  Leaders must expect opposition and should not be offended by it.
  • You you find it easy to make and keep friends?  Your circle of loyal friends is an index of the quality and extent of your leadership.
  • Are you unduly dependent on the praise or approval of others?  Can you hold a steady course in the face of disapproval and even temporary loss of confidence?
  • Are you at ease in the presence of your superiors and strangers?
  • Do your subordinates appear at ease in your presence?  A leader should give an impression of sympathetic understanding and friendliness that will put others at ease.
  • Are you really interested in people?  In people of all types and all races?  Or do you entertain a respect of persons? Is there a hidden racial prejudice?  An antisocial person is unlikely to make a good leader.
  • Do you possess tact?  Can you anticipate the likely effect of a statement before you make it?

Much to ponder in these questions.  Those entrusted with leadership will find that they are stronger in some of these criteria than in others.  Self reflection and prayer for growth are foundational to being a leaders.  No one but Jesus Christ was a perfect leader, but we can all grow toward his example daily through the ministry of the Holy Spirit.