Criteria of Leadership Potential (Part III)

Today we conclude J. Oswald Sanders' list of criteria for leadership potential.  Here is the final roundup: 
  • Do you possess a strong and steady will?  A leader will not long retain his position if he is vacillating?
  • Do you nurse resentments, or do you readily forgive injuries done to you?
  • Are you reasonably optimistic?  Pessimism is not an asset to a leader.
  • Are you in the grip of a master-passion such as that of Paul who said: "This one thing I do."   Such a singleness of motive will force all of one's energies and powers on the desired objective.
  • Do you welcome responsibility?

To these criteria Sanders adds these attitudes, noting, "R.E. Thompson suggests these tests of our attitudes to people as an indication of our capacity for leadership:

  • Do other people's failures annoy us or challenge us?
  • Do we use people or cultivate people?
  • Do we direct people or develop people?
  • Do we criticize or encourage?
  • Do we shun the problem person or seek him out?"

All of these criteria for leadership require some soul searching and prayer before coming to any conclusion.  The attitudes towards people with which Sanders concludes are especially important.  If we do not have the heart of God for people then we cannot lead them for God.  Pray to love others as Jesus taught us.