The Child Prayer Life of a Great Spiritual Leader

Charles Hodge was a great 19th century spiritual leader, theologian, New Testament scholar and preacher.  As we close VBS this week, having thought a lot about prayer and leadership over the past couple of weeks, consider this moving statement from Hodge on his prayer life as a child.  What does it look like to have childlike faith?    To express that faith in prayer?  Hodge gives us an encouraging window in this regard.  As we look into his prayer life, we can be sure that this same privilege of prayer belongs to us as God's children.

In my childhood I came nearer to "Pray without ceasing" than in any other period of my life.  As far back as I can remember, I had the habit of thanking God for everything I received, and asking him for everything I wanted.  If I lost a book, or any of my playthings, I prayed that I might find it.  I prayed walking along the streets, in school and out of school, whether playing or studying.  I did not do this in obedience to any prescribed rule.  It seemed natural.  I thought of God as an everywhere-present Being, full of kindness and love, who would not be offended if children talked to him.  I knew he cared for sparrows.  I was as cheerful and happy as the birds and acted as they did.  (The Life of Charles Hodge, by A.A. Hodge.)

Let's all pray like children today.  God is good, real, and everywhere present.