Is Our Worship According To Scripture?

Is Our Worship According To Scripture?  By Bryan Chapell's definition it is.  Today I read a review of Chapel's book, Christ Centered Worship.  These lines caught my attention because the pattern they describe fits our morning worship service like a glove: "Synthesizing his historical survey, Chapell argues that there has been a consistent pattern of gospel-driven worship from the early church to the Reformation to the present: it follows the sequence of adoration, confession, assurance, thanksgiving, petition, instruction, charge, and blessing. Chapell repeatedly demonstrates how this gospel structure naturally manifests itself throughout the Scriptures." You can read the whole review here.

This pattern of worship, evident throughout the Bible, is God centered and gospel centered.  It is, therefore, life giving.  One of the great joys I have in leading worship is watching the transformation that takes place in people as we go through a worship service.  Amazing grace.