Dinners for 8

In Dinners for 8 you sign up for a 1-3 meal commitment with 6-7 "strangers" in the church. This is great way to make friends and meet new people, whether you are a first time attender or long time member of our church.  Please sign up and we will make sure you are invited to the next round of Dinners for 8!


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If you'd like to have your children join you, please list their names and ages so we can make a good group match.

Dinners for 8 Questions and Answers

When do we meet?

A.      Anytime that’s agreeable to most participants. It can be during any day or hour.

Where do we meet?

A.      Anyplace that’s agreeable to most participants. Examples can be homes, church, restaurants, or any place where people can sit down to share a meal.

What happens if I cannot attend a Dinner?

A.      The other group members can meet without you. Hopefully you can meet the next time.

How many times do you meet?

A.      Preferably at least 4 times, where each couple/individual is the host. You may meet more than 4 times if you like.

How much time do you have to complete these meetings?

A.      The 4 meetings should be concluded in 4 months or sooner. Ideally, a Dinner should occur bi-weekly, but sometimes that may not be possible.

Can a single person participate?

A.      Absolutely!

Can a single college student participate?

A.      Absolutely!

Can children participate?

A.      Absolutely!

Who prepares the meal?

A.      Ideally, the main course will be prepared by the host and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th couple or individual can bring a bread, salad and dessert. This can be changed as agreed by the group members.

What if the weather is bad?

A.      The host can make the decision to cancel and reschedule the dinner in causes of inclement weather.

What if conflict, questions, or concerns arise?

A.      Contact Pastor Don Post.

Do I have to cook something?

A.      No, you can serve take-out if you like.

What if my home is too small?

A.      As long as you have a place for folks to sit and eat, it’s not too small. If you need some place larger, you can use the church or any other place that suits your group.

How long do the groups meet?

A.      No more than 2 hours should be planned for these dinners.

What if I have special dietary needs?

A.      Please let your other group members know of any special needs.

What happens if I don’t know anyone in my group?

A.      Good! Dinners for 8 are designed so you can get to know other EP folks.

Can I attend if I am not a church member?

A.      Absolutely, all are welcome!

Can I bring a friend?

A.      Absolutely, just sign the friend up on the sign in sheet.

What’s the purpose of Dinners for 8?

A.      To get to know your Christian brothers and sisters and share the glories of Christian Fellowship and prayer.