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Conference: Clarity, Hope, and Help in a Sexually Confused World

2018 Bible Conference: 
Clarity, Hope, and Help in a Sexually Confused World

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Friday 4/13

6-6:45 Dinner  
6:45-8:00  Talk 1: Controversial Topics the Church needs to Address: Transgenderism
8:00-8:30 Q&A

 Saturday 4/14

           Evening Dessert
          6-6:15 Bring-a-Dessert Pot-Providence
           6:15-7:15 Talk 2: Controversial Topics ..: The Gay Christian Movement
           10-20 minute break
           7:30-8:30 Talk 3: How Churches Become Redemptive Communities for Sexual Strugglers
           8:30-9:00 Q&A

Sunday 4/15

            9:30 am Sunday School – coffee/tea/water provided
                           Men's Sunday School -  Proactive Accountability (Tim)
                           Women's Sunday School -  Emotional Wholeness In our Relationships (Ellen)
            10:45am  Preaching at worship (Tim) Sermon Topic - TBD

An opportunity to make a donation to offset the cost of this event will be available. 

Update: Sign Ups for Dinner on Saturday Night are Closed

Many have expressed a desire to be equipped to respond to the questions of gender and sexuality constantly pushed by our culture. There is a desire for greater understanding to answer difficult questions with truth, grace and love. There is a desire for our young people to be equipped as they are facing these questions from peers.

As a congregation, we are facing these questions right now. This conference is not addressing a speculative concern, but is designed to equip the saints right where we are. Knowing how to answer the questions and challenges among us from a Biblical, Christ-centered point of view is vital for our own discipleship and our witness. Consider also that you may have a friend who is either struggling to address these questions or needs your support when caring for a loved one or family member. Being equipped can help you draw close to them in time of need. Indeed, it is tragic when we heard of people withdrawing from the Body of Christ at the moment when they need help the most.

Rev. Tim Geiger (M.Div.) is a national leader in this subject area. He has spoken with wide acclaim at our General Assembly and in many other forums. Ellen Dykas, M.A. is well known to many among us. But, she has more to offer that we have not yet heard as a congregation. We are blessed to be able to benefit from the knowledge and experience of Harvest USA.

When we were considering this conference I spoke to Rev. Kevin Koslowsky at Faith Presbyterian Church in Wilmington. He gave an enthusiastic endorsement, noting that the conference was well received across the whole spectrum of their church.

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Spring Work Day