Thank you for taking part in our Inquirer's Luncheon and for exploring membership at EPC.  We encourage you to take your time, worship with us, and eventually consider officially joining our fellowship.

If you're considering taking the next step of church membership, or simply want to learn more, we have ten presentations or 'sessions.'  For those pursuing membership we ask that you read or watch all ten and then fill out the membership application form.   We'll contact you afterwards to set up a time to follow-up.  Since the membership application form asks questions about the sessions below, please be sure to review the content first before starting the application process.  The application is secure and goes directly to me, Pastor Knott.  It may be shared with the other elders, including Pastor Harvey, who are involved in the membership process.  

If you have any questions or would rather have a paper version of these sessions and of the application form, please let me know.  Please allow an hour total for the 10 sessions and another hour for filling out the application.  For couples, please fill out a separate application form for each spouse.  

-Pastor Knott