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Book of the Bible (verse by verse) - 2 Corinthians
Led by Brian Warshaw and David Halley

Meets in the Library

The central theme of 2 Corinthians is the relationship between suffering and the power of the Spirit in Paul’s apostolic life, ministry, and message. Paul’s opponents had questioned his motives and his personal courage. They argued that he had suffered too much to be a Spirit-filled apostle of the risen Christ. But Paul argues that his suffering is the means God uses to reveal his glory.

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Church History (Ligonier Video/Dr. Godfrey) - Video 1- Early Church History

Led by Bob Almond and Mike Bucci

Meets in Fellowship Hall

A fast paced description of the formative years of the church 50-650 AD building on the apostles and early church fathers, and growing from a small Jewish offshoot to a significant independent church. We will look at individual contributions as well as early church councils as theology is crystallized, and bring those early decisions to modern application.  The impact of imperial Rome as well as the challenge of militant Islam will also be explored. Dr. Godfrey is a well respected church historian known for his engaging sense of wit.


Practical Christian Living - The Practice of Godliness by Jerry Bridges

Led by Bill Zinkand and Al Houston

Meets in Balcony Room 202

Scripture tells us that God has given us “everything we need for life and godliness.” But what makes a Christian godly?  In this book,  Navigator author Jerry Bridges examines what it means to grow in Christian character. Learn more about the character of God as you grow a deeper relationship with Him. Establish the foundation upon which godly character is built and continue by developing maturity and pursuing holiness.

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Christian Classic - Spiritual Depression: Its Causes and Cure by Dr. M. Lloyd-Jones 

Led by Don Post and LeRoy Greer

Meets in Balcony Room 200

“Believing as I do that the greatest need of the hour is a revived and joyful Church the subject dealt within these sermons is to me of the greatest possible importance.  Unhappy Christians are, to say the least, a poor recommendation for the Christian Faith; and there can be little doubt but that the exuberant joy of early Christians was one of the most potent factors in the spread of Christianity.” (D.M. Lloyd Jones)


English As A Second Language
Led by Paul Larson

Meets in room off of Fellowship Hall

The class is designed to help our UD international friends improve their English skills and learn the Bible by using the morning’s sermon text. Please join us in the room located off Fellowship Hall in the nursery hallway, and serve the nations in Jesus’ name!


Praying for our church, community and the cosmos.

Meets in Balcony Room 201