Join us for one of our Adult Sunday School classes this fall.
We meet at 9:30am every Sunday. See the descriptions below.


Redemption Accomplished and Applied
Fellowship Hall

Led by Todd Metzler

This class will be using John Murray’s book Redemption Accomplished and Applied, which systematically explains the two sides of redemption -- its accomplishment through Christ’s atonement and its application to the lives of believers. Murray explores the biblical passages dealing with the necessity, nature, perfection, and extent of the atonement in order to establish its relationship to our justification, sanctification, and glorification. He goes on to identify the distinct steps in the Bible’s presentation of how the redemption accomplished by Christ is applied progressively to the life of the redeemed, including the role of faith and repentance.   Cost of the book is $11 and is available at the book table in the narthex.

1 samuel

1 Samuel

Led by Stephen Rippon

1 Samuel shows us the unfolding of God’s plan to provide a king for His people, a plan that would in the fullness of time give us Jesus Christ, the King of Kings.  This fall we will look closely at the first half of 1 Samuel, which covers the time of transition from Samuel, the last of the judges, to Saul, the first of the human kings of Israel.  We will praise God for providing for His people, despite their often-misplaced hopes. 

Congregational Singing

Congregational Singing 101
Music Room (2nd Floor)

Led by Dr. Higo Rodrigues

This class will cover the essentials of hymn singing with hands-on sessions. We will cover topics from reading parts in a hymnal to basics of singing technique. As time and opportunity allows, we will teach concepts such as phrasing, tonality, dynamics, meter, intervals, sequences and repeated melodic patterns, rhythm, and part-singing. 


English As A Second Language
Balcony Room 202

Led by Paul Larson

Our ESL Sunday School Class begins again on September 2nd. The class is designed to help our UD international friends improve their English skills and learn the Bible by using the morning’s sermon text. Please join us in the balcony classroom, and serve the nations in Jesus’ name!

Officer Training

Officer Training
Balcony Room 200

Led by Rev. Don Post

This 12-week course is designed for elder and deacon candidates who have been nominated by our congregation to help lead our congregation.  This class is also for those who may be considering  becoming an officer in the future.