As an historic congregation we self consciously resist nostalgia.  We trace our heritage to the 18th century in the planting of the first presbyterian churches in the United States.  However, EPC came out of it’s mother church in Newark in the 1930s because the congregation’s passion for mission could not be sustained by the denomination.  Since that time our congregation has joined the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), planted four churches in the area and maintained a strong focus on strategic global missions.  In the last five years we have strengthened our local mission work through partnership and renewed investment in our own community outreach to children, families and the arts community.

God continues to add to our number and give us fresh passion for His kingdom.  Our leadership is delighted that after a season of prayerfully seeking how God would have us make a new investment in His kingdom, the Lord has led us to be the host church for Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) and RUF International at U.Del. Join us in our present worship of God and our pursuit of His future glory.