Sunday School is offered for all children 2 years to 5th grade from 9:30 to 10:30am each Sunday.  We currently use the curriculum "Show Me Jesus" from Great Commission Publication.  On Sunday, September 2nd, we begin the fall semester with the following topics:

Children 2 to 3 years meet in Room 100 and will be studying “God’s Family” – Beginning the line of promise from Adam to Joseph. 

Children 4 years to 5th grade start upstairs together for Opening Exercises.  During this time they rotate weekly with making cards for people in our congregation, catechism bingo, word searches, and crafts.  We will be learning catechisms, our Hymns of the Month, and memorizing Matthew 5: 13-20 together as a group.  Pastor Post will be visiting and answering questions during “Ask the Pastor” and we will have missionaries visit during the Mission’s Conference.   After Opening Exercises, the children go to their separate Sunday School Classes.

4/5 year olds: “God Leads His People” - God’s thrilling rescue of Israel from Egypt and how the Old Testament points to the Savior.

K/1st Grade: “Obeying God” – Stories about the prophets and kings.

2nd/3rd Grade: “God’s Grace in the Law” – Applying the 10 Commandments, a study in Exodus.

4th/5th Grade: “Matthew to John” – The life, work, and teachings of Christ in the Gospels.

Parents/Guardians drop their children off and pick them up from their classrooms.

Contact Mrs. Deborah Freer for more information.