Our goal is to provide the most safe and nurturing environment for your child as possible.  Each child is very special and we want them to feel loved, comfortable, and secure during their time in the nursery.  We make every effort to insure that this ministry will glorify God in each detail.  In order for our volunteers to provide the best experience for your child, below are our policies that we follow.  We are happy to be a part of your child’s Christian Education.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to me at church or contact me.

Deborah Freer, Director of Children's Ministries

Service Times
Our nursery is available during Sunday School, Morning Service, Sunday Celebration Children’s Events, Wednesday morning and evening for Wednesday Women’s Bible Study Fellowship, and for special services, concerts, and events. Workers arrive 15 minutes prior to these events so that you can transition them into the room and make it on time.  All rooms end promptly at the end of the service.  Please pick up your children before visiting your friends so that the volunteers may also visit.

and Pick-Up
When you arrive in the room, please sign your child in on the attendance form.  If you think your child will need you at all, please take a pager and write it’s number on the attendance form.  
Please then write your child’s name on a sticker tag, placing that one on your child, then place the coordinating number tags on a visitor tag to hang with the diaper bag, and on any other belongings so the nursery workers know which items belong to you! 
Please have the same parent that signed in, or whose name is also listed on the sign-in sheet, come pick up the child.  No siblings under 12 will be allowed to pick up the nursery children.  


Dropping off
We understand that each child reacts differently to dropping off.  You know best how much of a farewell your child needs.  Please make the separation experience as easy on the nursery workers as possible.  They will try to offer assistance in distracting and comforting the child.  Try to refrain from “peeking in” to see how your child is doing, as this may cause the child to become upset again.  Instead, we offer pagers so if your child is upset for longer than 10 minutes, the nursery workers will page you.  You can decide if your child needs you to stay with them.

We realize it is disappointing to miss church, but out of love for one another and to prevent the spread of illness, we ask that you keep your child at home if any of the following conditions apply:
•    Fever or diarrhea within the past 24 hours
•    Taking an antibiotic for less than 24 hours
•    Runny nose that is thick and cloudy
•    Loose, frequent cough
•    Exposure to any contagious illness

Mothers of Infants
If you are nursing your child, we have a nursing room available outside the sanctuary door in the nursery hallway.  There is a changing table, rocking chairs, and you can listen to the service on the radio.  There are a few toys also in the room, if you need to take a younger child with you.

If there is an emergency, the nursery workers will take the children in the evacuation cribs out of the building to the front entrance driveway and wait there.  The nursery workers have access to a phone in the infant room and the security team if there is an emergency.