Acts 19:1-10

“True Community and the Kingdom of God” Preached Sunday Morning September 13, 2015 by Rev. James L. Harvey III

“True Community and the Kingdom of God”

Acts 19:1-10

Introduction: Life in community—the natural impulse, and the supernatural reality. Something good 

The Holy Spirit gives life in the kingdom of God 

We are all disciples in communities with beliefs  and  practices that bear witness to   kingdom.

Jesus promises the  Spirit , the Holy Spirit gives us Jesus.

The Holy Spirit gives evidence that you have been delivered into the Kingdom of God 

Today tongues and prophesy divide, but God intended them to unite. 

The signs of inclusion offered by the Holy Spirit for kingdom community are superior.

The Holy Spirit divides communities through the message of the Kingdom of God 

Claiming that the Kingdom of God has come in Jesus is divisive.                         

Exercise discernment  about our place in a community 

Exchanging loyalties between communities is painful, but Christ uses the sacrifice. 

Conclusion: Jesus offers us a superior kingdom and a superior community.