Service Information

Sunday School 9:30-10:30AM.

Adult Sunday School

Children’s Sunday School

Youth Sunday School

Morning Worship from 10:45AM–12:00PM

Worship and Music

For Children During Worship

Evening Worship 6:00-7:00PM.

Nursery Information

Our childcare teams provide nursery during the Sunday School Hour and the Morning and Evening Worship Services for children ages 0-2.  All helpers are volunteers and members of EPC.  Pagers are provided for parents of infants.



Current Sermon Series

"We live in fractured communities full of angry and embittered people.  The Enemy must delight to see such hatred filling the airwaves, highways, hallways and hearts of the people of our nation.  In this world of hatred and conflict the church is called to live and grow as a different kind of community.  A holy community that displays love for God and neighbor rather than angst and hate.  A community that cares for one another deeply.  A community that goes out into a hostile world to invite others into this way of life in Jesus Christ.

Matthew’s gospel presents Christ to us in a richness unsurpassed by any other book of the New Testament.  There are many themes that are prominent in Matthew, but one is the relationship between Jesus as the Messiah and the community that he establishes to worship him and spread his gospel—the church.  In fact, the word for church (ekklesia in Greek) does not occur in the other gospels.  It occurs two times in Matthew (16:18; 18:17). 

In Matthew 16:18 the emphasis on Christ causing the church to prevail over opposition.  In 18:17 the emphasis is on maintaining authentic discipleship in the church.  These two instances of the word church are useful points of departure for the two-fold emphasis on Christian community that runs throughout Matthew.  Matthew stresses the character of discipleship within Christian community as both the goal of maturity in the Lord and the basis for ministry to the world.  There is no tension between reaching people for Christ and nurturing people in Christ.  The two are intimately related because both activities are cultivated in Christian community.    

As we meet Christ in the pages of Matthew I hope that, among many other things the Spirit does, He will strengthen our understanding of what genuine discipleship in community looks like.  And of course, there are many other significant themes that we will be exploring in this book: the humanity of Christ; the relationship between the kingdom of God and the church; how Old Testament promises are fulfilled in Christ; faith, grace and obedience in the Christian life; the character of Christian disciples; and, the centrality of disciple-making (missions) in the life of the church.

Please pray with me that the study of this gospel will be deeply transformative for our church.  Pray it will be transformative for you and me personally.  We worship a God who is at work in, among and through us.  Sometimes we don’t feel His hand or perceive his presence. But we can be sure that where two or more gather in his name the Lord is there with them. 

Looking forward to growing together,

Pastor Jay"